Creditbit (CRB) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.00389

Creditbit (CRB) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.003892018-12-10T00:07:53+00:00

Creditbit (CRB) on tällä hetkellä €0.00389 ja sen markkina-arvo on €65,700. Kurssikehitys on 0.00% ylöspäin viimeisten 24 tunnin aikana.
Tällä sivulla näet reaaliaikaisen hinnan lisäksi kryptovaluutan historiallisen kurssidatan sekä tuoreimmat uutiset.

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    Creditbit (CRB)
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    16.90 M CRB
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An open source digital currency protocol which is 10 times faster than Bitcoin. Creditbit prepares for mass adoption by offering an user-friendly and secure cryptocurrency easily accessible to users worldwide.


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Twitter uutisvirta

🚀Hi community, today we are introducing #creditgame.🚀The point of the game is to gamble the lock period and if you are lucky you can win all the bond award of coins locked in a game. The coins are locked for obe month in each game. We wish you good luck.#cryptogame

We are sooo happy to show you first printscreens of #CREDITGAME! On Monday we will be able to play it! Stay tuned! #cryptocurrency #cryptogame 2

Dear all, we are finally in final stage of delivering our #Creditgame and with that the final step of our road map. #CRB #cryptocurrency #cryptogaming

Lowest 5M|15M|1H Average Stoch RSI:
1) $DGD/BTC 8.66
2) $GRC/BTC 18.12
3) $FUN/BTC 18.62
4) $CRB/BTC 18.62
5) $BAY/BTC 20.56
6) $XPM/BTC 21.52
7) $CURE/BTC 22.18
8) $XVG/USDT 22.25
9) $UNB/BTC 22.46
10) $AEON/BTC 22.49
11) $LGD/BTC 22.82
12) $MEME/BTC 23.72

Here is the step by step guide for 🚀beginners🚀 on how to buy #Creditbit (#CRB). 👉 #crb #totheMoon #HODLers

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