FUSION (FSN) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.651

FUSION (FSN) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.6512018-12-10T00:07:53+00:00

FUSION (FSN) on tällä hetkellä €0.651 ja sen markkina-arvo on €22.98 M. Kurssikehitys on 127.72% ylöspäin viimeisten 24 tunnin aikana.
Tällä sivulla näet reaaliaikaisen hinnan lisäksi kryptovaluutan historiallisen kurssidatan sekä tuoreimmat uutiset.

  • fusion
  • Reaaliaikainen hinta
  • 24h %
  • Markkina-arvo
    €22.98 M
  • Vaihto
    €6.04 M
  • Saatavuus
    35.31 M FSN
  • Sijoitus

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FUSION is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-datasource smart contracts.


Päivämäärä Hinta Vaihto Markkina-arvo

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During the latest sprint Fusion's technology team began final testing of upcoming new features, and made significant improvements to the Node Stats Monitor and EZswap gateway.

All is revealed in Release Notes 3.6!



🎉Hotbit fixed term investment has launched FSN at 15:00(UTC+8) on October 11th ,with daily free open purchase redemption.Hotbit’s fixed term investment function strives to provide a safe journey for your investment.
Go to FSN Fixed Term Investment: https://t.co/IATDfZIuqS

The Million FSN Time Lock campaign between Fusion x Hotbit is underway! Join Hotbit's "King of FSN Trading" which runs until 11/27th for a chance to earn more FSN. Learn more at: https://t.co/a7IA7KEA8y

Fusion $FSN Open Source Community (FOSC) Progress Report November 12 🔊📑

1. 416 applications received to join FOSC.

2. Amazing progress on first 3 FOSC tasks.

3. Task #6 to produce high quality time-lock article is live!


“Purchase FSN @FUSIONProtocol
with 50% Discount”+Register Hotbit Account,Participate in Hotbit’s Fixed Term Investment Product ,Trade FSN etc....will get FSN .
Participants can get FSN awards up to the equivalent of 1500 USDT.
Check here for more details: https://t.co/OARzujWkV9

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