Paragon (PRG) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.0393

Paragon (PRG) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.03932018-12-10T00:07:53+00:00

Paragon (PRG) on tällä hetkellä €0.0393 ja sen markkina-arvo on €936,456. Kurssikehitys on 4.60% ylöspäin viimeisten 24 tunnin aikana.
Tällä sivulla näet reaaliaikaisen hinnan lisäksi kryptovaluutan historiallisen kurssidatan sekä tuoreimmat uutiset.

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    Paragon (PRG)
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    23.83 M PRG
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Paragon seeks to pull the cannabis community from marginalized to mainstream by building blockchain into every step of the cannabis industry and by working toward full legalization.


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#Bitcoin helps saving money.

If you price any potential 3000-7000 expense and ask yourself: — “Do I want _______ now or a $1,000,000 in 5 to 10 years?” I think the response is obvious to most people.

The bill also provides legal definitions for the terms “#blockchain” and “distributed ledger” that can be referred to moving forward @Cointelegraph

Federal Marijuana Legalization Is Close, Suggests Canopy-Acreage Deal via @forbes

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