Oyster Shell (SHL) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.000302

Oyster Shell (SHL) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.0003022018-12-10T00:07:53+00:00

Oyster Shell (SHL) on tällä hetkellä €0.000302 ja sen markkina-arvo on €25,596. Kurssikehitys on 0.00% ylöspäin viimeisten 24 tunnin aikana.
Tällä sivulla näet reaaliaikaisen hinnan lisäksi kryptovaluutan historiallisen kurssidatan sekä tuoreimmat uutiset.

  • oyster-shell
    Oyster Shell (SHL)
  • Reaaliaikainen hinta
  • 24h %
  • Markkina-arvo
  • Vaihto
  • Saatavuus
    84.69 M SHL
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Oyster is a revolutionary protocol that resets the assumptions of the current internet paradigm and solves them with a new comprehensive platform. Oyster’s primary operation is based off of the storage, retention and retrieval of static data. The Pearl (PRL) token enables such data storage and is the first asset to be pegged to a known market value without a reserve or a centralized guarantor. The operation of the core Oyster network inadvertently creates a latencyoptimized meshnet of nodes, which becomes the perfect environment for fostering decentralized communications. The Shell (SHL) token enables transmission of data across such a meshnet.


Päivämäärä Hinta Vaihto Markkina-arvo

Twitter uutisvirta

The Oyster team has released an update regarding the current situation: https://t.co/861IZf2rKq #deltadirect

Please note that all discussion regarding Oyster has moved to two new Telegram channels: https://t.co/jP6V3lAFvX and https://t.co/TMc1TmGNvv #deltadirect

1/2 Bruno just made a strange transaction to try and further throw people off his scent. See the following Tweet for the link. This 100 ETH deposit by Bruno into the Dual Sig wallet is further subterfuge in an attempt to make it look like the team was involved in all of this.

Oyster has just released an update regarding today's events (repost with link to Oyster Blog): https://t.co/eCCuBzlciu #DeltaDirect

Oyster has just released an update regarding today's events: https://t.co/dermdGRSPD

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