Transcodium (TNS) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.00157

Transcodium (TNS) reaaliaikainen kurssi - €0.001572018-12-10T00:07:53+00:00

Transcodium (TNS) on tällä hetkellä €0.00157 ja sen markkina-arvo on €102,986. Kurssikehitys on -6.36% alaspäin viimeisten 24 tunnin aikana.
Tällä sivulla näet reaaliaikaisen hinnan lisäksi kryptovaluutan historiallisen kurssidatan sekä tuoreimmat uutiset.

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    Transcodium (TNS)
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    65.80 M TNS
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Transcodium aims to provide the first peer-to-peer decentralized file editing, transcoding and distribution platform with high quality and reliable computational power at a very affordable price. This will create a global market for users, willing to rent their idle machines to be used as workers. Further, at the end of the processing, the worker (processor) will be rewarded with the TNS Tokens.


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Two Factor Authentication coming to #tns #wirepurse #app at the end of the month

Bitcoin has no CEO.
It has no fancy offices.
It has no marketing department.
It raised $0 from venture capitalist.

Yet, it is worth $100 billion in just 10 years.

Bitcoin is an example of why product-market fit is the only thing that ultimately matters.

This is what happens when you try to force a new technology to people, instead of building hybrid apps to bridge #crypto and Fiat usage. #wirepurse like #Coinbase is a hybrid #crypto wallet to help with easy adoption via @CCNMarkets

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